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Weekly Monitoring Report Help

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Note: To submit multiple barns for a single project, enter each barn number in the barn number text box seperated by commas. Example: "01, 02"

To Add One Project: Enter your project information and click the Finish button. You will be directed to the Review - Weekly Monitoring Report confirmation page. From here, you can review your submitted projects and add more projects if needed.

To Add Multiple Projects: Enter your project information and click the Add Barn button. You will be directed to a second Weekly Monitoring Report page with your name and the week ended date listed in the left corner. On the upper right corner, you will see a status label informing you that your project has been added.

To Complete Submission: Click the Finish button to be directed to the Review - Weekly Monitoring Report confirmation page. You can also complete submission by entering your project information & clicking the Finish button. This will direct you to the confirmation page as well as add your last project. Review your information and click the Confirm Report button to submit your report.

To Edit Grower Information: You can also click the Red Edit link on the Review - Weekly Monitoring Report page..

To Edit Previous Projects: Click the barn number listed in the dropdown menu on the Weekly Information Report page or the Review - Weekly Monitoring Report page to edit any of your submitted projects.

To Clear Current Project: Click the Clear button. Your page will be refreshed with empty textboxes.

To Clear All Projects: Click the Clear All button and click the OK button on the confirmation message box.

* CAUTION: This will delete every project you've submitted in this session.

To Print Your Report: Click the print this page link after you have successfully submitted your projects.

To Search for Projects:. Under Search information, choose the Details View option to view one entry at a time, or the Summary View option to view multiple entries at a time.  All of the date boxes are optional. Leave them blank to retrieve every record, or enter dates to refine your
search. Click the Search button to display results.

Change Password:   Enter your current password in the Old password box.  Create a new password that is at least eight characters long, and enter it into the New Password box.  Re-type the password in the Confirm New Password box.  Click the Change Password button to finish changing your password, or click the cancel button to return to the Weekly Monitoring Report home page. A message will be displayed, if the password was successfully changed.  Click the Home link to return to the home page.

Remember Me Next Time:  When this box is checked, you will be automatically logged in the next time you return to the website.

To Submit your Feedback:   Enter your comment in the comment box provided.  Enter the code shown in the security image in the box below the image.  Your comment will be anonymous if you do not enter you name and/or emaill address; however, adding your information will allow Cooper Farms to contact you if any additional information is needed. 


Invalid Project Number: Project numbers cannot contain spaces, hyphens, or any other special characters. They must have the project class letter followed by the project sequence number. Example: H12345. When receiving the error message: Check your paperwork, call your point of contact person.

Changing Compatibility Mode: (For computers running Windows 8 and/or Internet Explorer 10 Only) On the Menu bar (under the web address) click on Tools, then Compatibility View Settings. Then check the display all websites in compatibility view box.

User Lookup:
Check if a Grower account is setup: . Select the Single Grower radio button, and then enter a Master Grower number and click Search.

Display all Grower accounts: Select the All Grower radio button. (Optional)Check the Display Name check box. Click Search

Questions? Contact Cooper Farms at (419) 375-4116.